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NEW YORK, 26 November— Ron Bookman & Associates, Inc. President and CEO, Ronald G. Bookman wrote a note to himself many years ago in a client meeting. "Experience Matters", he scribbled on a piece of paper and shoved into his pocket. It was symbolic of what the multi-service business firm, then with its operational headquarters in Atlanta, viewed as its proprietary offering to its clients. "Experience Matters" came to symbolize the firm and the business services it offers. "Every business service we offer," states Bookman, "whether its in the global arena or computer services or investment banking, we bring a unique level of brand awareness and workable experience to the job. The client benefits from our cumulative five decades of hands on experience.

"We had within our company," Bookman states, "almost fifty years of cumulative experience." And that experience covered a wide berth of business and marketing services. "We finally realized," says Collette Bookman, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, "that we had an enormous basket of business skills and services that we could offer our clients." That was somewhat of a slight departure for RBA in that its business model had been based on working primarily with large multinational clients. Ms. Bookman continued, "we now want to offer our unique and varied experience base to small businesses and non profit organizations as well. That's another reason we were so delighted with the opportunity to develop the Harriet Tubman Project for Mother Zion AME."

The Tubman Project involved developing a multi-media marketing package for the Mother Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church. Mother Zion is the curator and executor of the Harriet Tubman estate and Harriet Tubman home in Auburn, New York. When seeking a multi-services firm to develop its marketing package, it chose RBA. "We, not only bring our skill base to each job," states Ms. Bookman, "but we also bring a certain creative element you might not find easily." She attributes that creative element to the principals' combined background in the entertainment arena as well. "Entertainment marketing forces you to be creative and far reaching," Ms. Bookman offers. It's those very creative skills that RBA combines with its business offerings and the client is the big winner.

For RBA, its principals place a high premium on experience and the five decades of cumulative experience they've developed. Ms. Bookman states, "experience does matter".

Ron Bookman & Associates, Inc., is a multi-services business consulting firm with operational facilities in New York and New Jersey.

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