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NEW YORK, 22 November— Ron Bookman & Associates, Inc., a multi-purpose business services consulting firm announced today the debut of its website, "We are indeed proud to announce the debut of ‘’," stated the firm’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Collette J. Bookman. In announcing the site, RBA touts immediately one of the firm’s business management services; web site design. In that regard, Ms. Bookman designed the firm’s site as a proprietary one. She observes, "we wanted a site that not only would focus on our cumulative fifty years of multi-purpose business services and marketing experience, but one that highlighted the very type of business effort of which we are capable of performing – website design. And our website does exactly that."

Ronald G. Bookman observes, "Collette had developed our firm’s Information Technologies effort originally in 1985. It was at that time that she, with a technical background in computer programming, brought to the firm the beginning stages of desktop publishing utilizing PC and Macintosh platforms."

For RBA and its management, the launch of its website is the near culmination of a dream. "The website and cyberspace business development," states Mr. Bookman, "brings a global aspect to your business unimaginable just five years ago." During the 90s, RBA utilized print advertising to reach its potential client base in one of the leading business journals in the world. The market reach the firm was able to penetrate simply pales in comparison to the potential of its website.

In its design, Ms. Bookman utilized leading software such as Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash. In so doing, RBA maintains its cutting edge in its utilization of proprietary programming. "Our effort had to be reflective of the service we’ll offer our clients." states Ms. Bookman.

RBA is a principal developer of strategic marketing and communications business strategies. The firm provides interrelated business services that encompass nearly five decades of cumulative business ‘hands on experience’.

"Experience matters" is the firm’s long held operable motto. Mr. Bookman observes, "There is a practicality in the business environs now that appreciates the learning curve, but looks to experience to get the task done." is slated to bow November 26, 2003.

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