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Mission Advantage

The ongoing development of proprietary strategic planning, marketing communications strategies and investment advisory for select clientele is our stated focus. As a boutique firm, we can offer highly personalized and intimate service unavailable at larger companies. Our continued aim is to bring to the client the range of cumulative communications and business experience cultivated by the firm's principals over the past five decades. That experience is inclusive of nearly two decades of expertise within the international arena. Our continued aim is to increase the capital and wealth opportunities of our clients in the select presentation of your goods and services. We believe in a free and open marketplace. We believe in fair and equitable trade. We believe in an unabridged media and freedom of expression. We believe America is an advantage and the greatest free enterprise system in the history of mankind.

The RBA Standard of Excellence

"Ron Bookman, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Ron Bookman & Associates, Inc., is truly a business management, marketing communications and public relations professional. His experience on Wall Street is exemplary. Overall he has over thirty years of solid business expertise. He is innovative and solutions driven. He combines a unique deftness in identifying the issue, developing a workable solution and a strategic plan, yet unlike so many others; he has a broader base of practical field experience earned over the years. The real world experience he brings to the project guides it to a successful and profitable conclusion. He is a true professional."






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